Configuring BLU Logic 1211 in my Pruis 2010

My Prius 2010 without navigation has a BLU Logic 1211 bluetooth package. This was one of the initial models where it was not integrated into the audio system's display, but instead just had 3 buttons (up, call & down buttons) below & to the right of the steering wheel.

I recently erased its bluetooth pairing with my phone, by holding down the call button for about 15 seconds (till I heard 4 short consecutive beeps). Then, when I tried to pair it again, my phone would ask me for a pin that I had conveniently forgotten.

The manual had no information about this & the information on the internet was skimpy. Finally, here's what I found:
  1. The BLU Logic 1211 is configured with a pin/passkey as "1234". I am not aware of any way to change this, but this one just works.
  2. For information about the different operations that can be done on the Blu Logic 1211, visit

iChm - a better reader for .chm files

Today, I found iChm - an ebook reader for CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) files on a Mac.

I had been using Chmox till now for reading the few chm documents that I had. But the minute I laid my eyes on iChm, I knew Chmox is history. The user interface conforms to the latest UI standards set by Apple & just feels at home on my Mac. Chmox on the other hand was good for its age but has not been updated in a long time now.

iChm loaded faster, had better keyboard navigation, was crisper in its rendering, allowed exporting to PDF files too (so I could load the file onto my eBook reader) & is free.

If you read CHM files on your Mac, be sure to give this a whirl !!!