Disillusioned with iPhoto

I went around snapping about 30 pictures in the past 2 days from my iPhone of product options for my kitchen & some jewelry options at various stores, so that I can decide later at home.

Today I open up iPhoto, import the photos from my phone, and ask iPhoto to delete the photos on my phone. iPhoto just hung at this point trying to remove the photos from my phone. I finally had to force quit iPhoto.

Alas, when I started it again, I just had 11 photos on my phone & the imported photos from my iPhoto library were also missing. Basically, iPhoto just erased 1.5 days of my effort.

More than the loss, its the knowledge that I cannot trust iPhoto as my photo store is much more concerning to me. Considering that iPhoto is such an excellent product in terms of usability, I expected much more concern for user's data from it. And more to it, there is no data that I can include as a bug report to the iPhoto team, as the photos are gone from iPhoto & the iPhone. There is no record of them anywhere.

I guess I need to start another tedious cycle of finding another photo management software & migrating my photos to it. :-(