Bloxorz - nice puzzling block game

Here's a simple game of moving a 1x2 block by rolling/turning it over to finally reach a hole. Reminds me very much of Sokoban, but with some interesting twists including the absence of walls.

Play it to know more - it sure will bring down your productivity at office

RCDefaultApp - centralized application association management

I came across this nifty preference pane RCDefaultApp for Mac OS X, that allows you to manage all kinds of associations like file associations, default applications for various file extensions, url protocol associations at a single place.

Its a relief to be able to set the default browser, default newsreader or default application for .xxx files at one place, instead of hunting around for the settings in various applications like Safari, Mail, Finder, etc.

This is now one of my must-have utilities for Mac.

Tunnel - simple and strenuous game

I downloaded this port of the old arcade game "Tunnel" for the mac. You can check it out here

Its a really fun game, but the feature that really got me hooked was the use of the sudden motion sensor to play the game. It is real fun to pick up your laptop and start using it like a joystick (although its really strenuous on the wrist)

I would have liked the option to increase the speed to make it more challenging and a pause feature. But on the whole, a throughly enjoyable game :-)