Double Words Optical Illusion

Been some time since I posted anything. Was not able to find anything worth posting here. But finally the drought is over... Hurray.

Check this link out... Double Words Optical Illusion

Demonstrates some cool optical illusions relating to antonyms.

REST vs. WS-*

A beautiful article written artfully with a very interesting analogy, that manages to convey the meaning in a light-hearted manner.

A must read (for both serious and humorous reading)

Handwriting Tips

A very sensible and practical article explaining an approach to improving your handwriting.

Handwriting Tips

I am gonna try it for sure

The Comic Project

This blog rocks!!! All the original Phantom & Mandrake comics scanned and downloadable...

The Comic Project

These are some of the coolest comics I grew up on.

Nice free Flash based games

Here is a site with a lot of nice Flash based games playable online & also downloadable

Some of the games like Snake (a better version of the old snake game) rock.

Classic Old PC Games

Some of the best old PC games (from 80s & 90s), now downloadable for free at

Pure nostalgia :)

And to go with it, a DOS emulator that even has a build for MAC.

It had been so long since I played Dangerous Dave... YooooHooooooo!!!!!!

Cool open-source applications

Was looking around for some open-source applications for my Mac & found 2 cool apps -
  • Cashbox - A great & simple tool to maintain your personal accounts. Switched from my Text files immediately. Needs more work on reports and export facility, but can work with it for now.
  • Freemind - A cool tool, something even I was thinking of creating, for putting down my ideas in a structured form (but in a quick and simple way).
The more I search, the more better software I find for my Mac :) giving me more & more reason, to never think of going back to my PC.